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Distribution wholesale manager (Mr. Li):18028360568

Factory direct sales manager (Miss Hu):18028361087

Foreign Trade Export Manager (Miss Huang):18028362095

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Chuanjing Commercial Shelves -Make full use of limited space

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  • Hotel Kitchen Food Instrument Plating Chrome Storage Shelf
Hotel Kitchen Food Instrument Plating Chrome Storage Shelf

Product Brand: Chuanjing

Product model: HD246072A4C

Product size: L1524XW610xH1830 mm

Product Material: Carbon Steel

Surface treatment: chrome -plated

Product color: chrome -plated

Product Tube Trail: 25X1.2 MMT

Weights of each layer of mesh: 350kgs

Product application: hotel restaurant back kitchen,Back Kitchen,Cold Store, etc.

China Merchants Franchise Manager (Mr. Li): 18028360568

Factory direct sales manager (Miss Hu): 18028361087

Foreign Trade Export Manager (Miss Huang): 18028362095

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Products ·Introduction

Cold Store anti -rust shelves Food environmentally friendly and sterile multi -layered metal cold storage shelf product
Hotel Kitchen Food Instrument Plating Chrome Storage Shelf

Hotel kitchen food appliances chrome -plated shelves are major load,adjustable,Demolitionable,Multi -accessory combination,Provide a storage scheme of different functions for each field combination。Apply to the hotel and restaurant chef,School employee canteen kitchen,Storage of food ingredients,and household appliances, etc.。

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Chuanjing_Chursukiyama Changsheng_Ax Business Team

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  • Zhongshan Chuanjing Cooperation Customer-Foxconn
  • Zhongshan Chuanjing Cooperation Customer-Chain Home
  • Zhongshan Chuanjing Cooperation Customer-Hema Xiansheng
  • Zhongshan Chuanjing Cooperation Customer-Huawei
  • Zhongshan Chuanjing Cooperation Customer-BYD
  • Zhongshan Chuanjing Cooperative Customer-McDonald's
  • Zhongshan Chuanjing Cooperative Customer-General Iron General
  • Zhongshan Chuanjing Cooperative Customer-Chuangsda
  • Zhongshan Chuanjing Cooperation Customer-Hanbang Medical
  • Zhongshan Chuanjing Cooperation Customer-Marriott
  • Zhongshan Chuanjing Cooperative Customer-Saibaiwei
  • Zhongshan Chuanjing Cooperative Customer-Leading Car

Customer ·Case

Cold storage rust -proof shelves Food environmentally friendly Safety and Sterile Multi -layered Metal Cold Store Shelf Case

Products ·Parameters

Product size parameters

optional surface treatment or material

DIY accessories list

Products ·Advantage

Strict selection of carbon steel materials01

Strict selection of carbon steel materials Thicker walls, thickened network cables

Random adjustment layer distance02

Random adjustment layer distance Zero tool installation, easy to disassemble

Stable and durable03

Stable and durable Using human -shaped wave mechanical structure, strong load -bearing

DIY combination04

DIY combinationDIY assembly, add accessories arbitrarily, rich product function

A variety of options05

A variety of colors optional A variety of surface treatment available, Storage schemes used in different fields

Strict control of quality06

Strict control of qualityFactory's own product testing center,Configure product inspection equipment,Strict control of product quality

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