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Changsheng Metal Products,Professional kitchen storage rack,Kitchen Folding Roll,kitchen storage rack,Shelf manufacturer!

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Factory Direct Sales Manager (Miss Hu):18028361087

Foreign Trade Export Manager (Miss Huang):18028362095

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Kawai is the brand of online European Cup Football Betting,Focus on commercial shelves,R & D, production and sales of home sets,Products are not only loved by consumers in major regions in China,It is also sold hotly to Europe and the United States,Japan and South Korea,Australia,Southeast Asia,South America and the Middle East more than 80 countries,Welcome friends at home and abroad、Customer sincere cooperation,Creating glory!

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  • Email: welland@zs-cs.com
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  • 528445, No. 19, Jindeng Road, Triangle Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province
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  • Hu Liping
  • Contact: Miss Hu

    Professional Title: Factory Direct Sales Manager

    Contact number: 18028361087 (WeChat synchronization)

    Lapture: 0760-22631171

    Email: Sales8@zs-cs.com

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  • Li Xuezhang
  • Contact: Mr. Li

    Professional title: distribution wholesale manager

    Contact number: 18028360568 (WeChat synchronization)

    Loc--alone: ​​0760-22631130

    Email: welland@zs-cs.com

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  • Miss Huang
  • Contact: Miss Huang

    Professional Title: Foreign Trade Export Manager

    Contact number: 18028362095 (WeChat synchronization)

    Local machine: 0760-22628620

    Email: Export@zs-cs.com

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