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Kawai DIY setting shelf loose size is complete, easy combination
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DIY loose partsBulk Customization Service

My space, I am the master

Chuanjing brand DIY loose part series products,Dedicated to provide users with better modular DIY storage solutions,Practical functions that meet different needs。You can increase the number of layers and extend the height at will,End layer installation,Save cost。Mix and match with different materials and shapes,Combination into more DIY styles,Rich more functions。

Kawai Shiji Film Net
Net film
  • Size to choose from The length range of the mesh: 300-1200mm
    The width range of the net: 150-450mm
  • Pipe diameter and load capacity φ14 pipe diameter, each layer of mesh load 30kgs
    φ19 pipe diameter, each layer of mesh load 80kgs
    φ25 pipe diameter, each layer of mesh load 250kgs
  • Chrome -plated surface treatment Follow the main needs of the market and do chrome -plated treatment.
    Stable anticorrosive ability,Salt and fog tests of the international testing agency SGS and TUV。
  • Pingwang filmPingwang film

  • Net basket Net basket

  • Wine Net Wine Net

  • fan -shaped mesh fan -shaped net

  • MDF board MDF board

  • Size to choose from Pillar height range: 300-3000mm
  • Classification of the pillar
  • Tube Trail: φ14, φ19, φ25
  • Type: One -stage pillar
  • Second -stage connection pillars (upper tube+lower tube)
  • Multi -stage connection pillars (upper tube+middle tube+lower tube)
  • Pillars on the pillars Pillars on the pillars

  • Pillar Middle Management Pillar Middle Management

  • Pillar under the pillars Pillar under the pillars

  • Pillar one -paragraph Pillar one -paragraph

Accessories with pictures
  • Multi -functional accessories application, rich product storage function
  • With a hanging rod+hook, realize the function of the wardrobe storage
  • Matching segments+side pieces to realize the function of bookshelf storage.
  • With door frame+small hanging net to realize the function of balcony storage.
  • Single wavesSingle waves

  • side tablets side tablets

  • Separation Separation

  • Holder Holder

  • Hanging ClubHanging Club

  • Door -type box Door -type box

  • Hook on the side side hook

  • Small hanging basket Small hanging basket

  • PP board PP board

  • Nylon WheelNylon Wheel

  • 3 -inch industrial foot wheel3 -inch rubber industry foot wheel

  • rubber plug -in foot wheel rubber plug -in foot wheel

DIYCaseDIY case

Multi -layer, flat, wrong case case

Multi -layer, flat, wrong case case

Use the N -type hook to bring the middle mesh and left、The mesh of the rack on the right side of the right side is connected to the flat layer,Each set not only saves 4 pillars,It is also higher than the stability of a single shelf。

Multi -layer, flat, wrong case case

Left、Install mesh,No N -type hook connection,You can combine three sets of shelf together,Not only saving 4 pillars,It also strengthened the overall stability of the combination of the grid of the grid。

Matching cases of different network shapes

Matching cases of different network shapes

Products combined with layers and mesh,Storage function is stronger,Add a single wave bar and hook,Increases the stability of the entire shelf and enriched the storage function of its suspension。

Matching cases of different network shapes 2

DIY matching of different accessories,It can improve the utilization rate of storage space and increase the aesthetic and neat function of the combination。You can also according to your actual needs,Add different accessories,Rich product function。

Cases with accessories (wheels)

Cases with accessories (wheels)

When used with a separator and the side, it is mainly used for book newspaper storage,You can also use it alone,The door -shaped wavy frames of the side chip and the top layer can be used as a fence,Divided into a separate film,As the name suggests。

Case 2 of accessories (wheels) 2

With a clothes rod,Hundreds of changes to become a wardrobe storage rack,With PP board,Single wave hook,Can achieve more wardrobe storage function,Let the products of the line network shelves widely apply。

DIY combination

Concept matching model

Terminal salesCaseTerminal Sales case

Terminal sales case


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