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Deli Group File File Room Storage Case
Author: Welland Edit: Welland Source: Welland Release Date: 2020.01.13
Information Abstract:
After receiving the documentation of Deli Group's documents,provided 3 schemes for storage shelves within 1 day for them to choose from。The four sides of the shelves can increase the side barbels,Prevent file files fall on the side of four circumference,can also be every ...

Project coordinates: Zhengzhou, Henan

Project period: 2019

Scope of use: Data file room


Project details

There are many branches under Deli Group,Large order volume,There are also many data documents that need to be processed and kept。After receiving the documentation of Deli Group's documents,1provided it in the sky3The scheme drawing of a storage shelves for it to choose from。The four sides of the shelves can increase the side barbels,Prevent file files fall on the side of four circumference,You can also add a separate segmentation on each layer,It is used to separate different types of data documents,The use of the rack side by side to achieve unlimited extension function。There is a single layer of load120kg/250kg /350Kit configuration on demand,If there will be too much shelves in the future, you do n’t need to be idle,It can also be used as a warehouse storage debris,One thing for one thing。

Zhongshan Chuanjing focuses on the production of customized production of iron wire welding categories,Customized production for customers can be customized by drawing or samples。

Model: LD12045180A5C

Product name: Five -layer file data storage rack

Size: L1200XW450XH1800mm

Be load of each layer: 120 kg/single layer

Surface treatment: chrome -plated

Customer Introduction:

        Zhengzhou Deli Automation Logistics Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in the Industrial Park, Guoian Town, Zhengzhou, Henan,It is a government approved collection of research and development、Plan、Manufacturing、Large formalized enterprises integrating and serving in one -piece installation and service,Provide customers with professional intelligent logistics solutions and warehousing equipment system integration。Company registered capital110010,000 yuan, the plant occupies the area21000Yu square meters, have a separate technology research and development room1Individual, production base2individual (Zhengzhou and Nanjing),Product control、After -sales installation service and other departments are complete,Grand scale,strong strength,annual capacity 4500tons or above, the annual output value is RMB1.1Billion yuan or more。Among them, some products are sold in Korea for the past、United States、Africa and other overseas markets。

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